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Balazs Berzesenyi




I was born in Budapest in 1960.
At the age of 10 I went to the studio of a painter in Balatonalmàdi where I lived, to learn about the colors and techniques of painting.
At the age of 15, I started modeling clay and sculpting soft materials.
Since folk art was and is deeply felt in Hungary, I became passionate about this sector by deepening woodworking.
In 1986 I got the recognition of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture as "Artist of Folklore".
I participated in many national exhibitions and at the same time, I studied classical art and restoration.
In 1996 I make an important decision and I move to Italy to deepen my studies and my research and start to do sculpture alone.
After four months I had the first commission for a public job.
I participate in several exhibitions and competitions in Italy, France, and Spain with good results.
I have performed several jobs for churches and municipalities using different stone materials and metals.
I have known many different processing techniques, especially the coating on stones and metals.
I was fascinated by metals and after a long journey of research, I found a new technique to work them.
During this journey, I discovered the beauty of light and I have therefore created a group of professionals (light technician, director, dancer, and musician) with whom I am realizing different projects that want with theatrical effect, bring closer to the conceptual art more people.


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