Johannes Steininger

Johannes Steininger was born 1977 in Austria I Linz.    currently lives and works in LINZ.


As a new generation of Austrian sound artist, johannes_steininger_m.a._m_a_

uses and manipulates the air in his inflatableART_works.


"My artistic production seems to follow a different trajectory compared to another sound/sculptors who work with traditional art materials.  When we look back to my academic history, I had massive aesthetic requirements impacts in the fields of “acoustic and soundscape community” when I studied on the University of Art in Berlin and with a second focus on the University of Art and Design in Linz, Institute: space&designstrategies. My professional direction to both studies includes my ongoing interests Fields of crossover knowledge in resonance_acoustics and implementation- in architecture oriented soundscape_tasks.


The predominant aim was the perception of a spatial whole in which every architectural Soundscape can be optimized in an acoustical treatment way. My elastic soft wall_object’s are composed to absorb energy from an external sound wave oscillating at the natural resonance frequencies of the inflatable object. The result is a low-pressure wall_sculpture based on the sound_resonance currents of the Medium AIR that activate the pieces as they are attached to their natural resonance frequencies.


The “Zero vibration called anti_nodal alternating nodal l lines” is an expressive statement from the Artist, to develop is works with lightness and flexibility versus heaviness and rigidity. The Illusion of soft_hard surface suggests the concept of softness to a unique quality of vibration and resonance. They Pneumatic forms are in the context of the avant-garde Art Movement in the twentieth century called: ZERO in Europe, with a focus on Air_ Energy. The basic artistic._research between Soft Sculpture Art Forms and technology, was to elaborate with new results and experience in the acoustical analytical system of inflatable forms. The inflatableART_works / inflatableART_objects are in a perfect physical and spherical shape. Based on the sound_patterns produced by Ernst Chladni plates(1756-1827). The creation of variously shaped inflatable bas-reliefs panels, with a soft consistency, like the “Bulk OUT” convex geometries, is the effect of the combination of elastic material layers/ sheets (germ. Schichtungen) and AIR. They are treated in several Layers as two-dimensional surfaces, but the result with air-supported structure is a multi-relief dimension with qualities unique to the vibration and resonance method.


No ywobbInkL 06.10

Material : Vinyl, Tempera, AIR, Vinyl Paint on Vinyl

The artwork is available for sale




No. gcwbbL17.07


cm. 41 (H) °— 31 (W) °— 4,5 (D) ° 
Material : Vinyl, Tempera, AIR, Vinyl Paint on Vinyl

The artwork is available for sale



No.gobbLg2411_.+ o3 gobbLg2411_. o4 + No.bbobbLg1811

Material : Vinyl, AIR.

The artwork is available for sale



No.: gbbL2205

Dimensions: cm. 39 (H) °— 39 (W) °— 13 (D) °

Material : Vinyl, AIR.

The artwork is available for sale




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