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Also  for illustrations, installations, performers, and mixed-media artwork.

Liberty Gallery

Brighton Uk


Liberty Gallery is an online art gallery and consultancy service, specialising in cutting-edge British and international art. Representing a hand-curated selection of artists, working across a diverse range of media and innovative practice, Liberty Gallery has carved out a reputation for offering fresh, modern, and affordable contemporary art. 

Based in Brighton & Hove – a hub of creativity on England’s south coast – the gallery has migrated online, while continuing to exhibit extensively at pop-ups and exhibitions throughout the UK (including London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cambridge), Europe (including Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan and Stockholm), and North America (New York City).

Drawing from the great pop-artists of the 1960s, the Liberty Gallery artists’ style focuses heavily on popular culture, incorporating fragments of vintage Hollywood, retro ephemera, and pulp fiction, while sometimes straying into the surreal world of dreams and imagination. 

Presenting a strong, cohesive, and eye-catching collection, Liberty Gallery believes that great contemporary art should be available to collectors from all walks of life. 

Gallery Chiefs & Spirits was established in 1992. It provides a forum for international Artists from Africa, Europe, Asia and Americas. The primary goal is to bridge and create artistic borderlesness. The gallery is housed in a monumental building in the historical part of The Hague. It has two exhibition rooms. Apart from regular shows organized in the gallery, Chiefs & Spirits participates in national and international art fairs.

 The Hague, The Netherlands

The Xin Art adventure began in China on the occasion of the Canton international art fair in June 2007. The gallery is established in the heart of the village of Ars-en-Ré, in the Church district.

Trained in London at the Sotheby's Institute of Art, Alexandra Planas, assisted by Marie DE LATAILLADE, reinforces her determination to present exceptional works of Street Art, as well as a new generation of contemporary artists.

"Outside the walls"

Renowned for the quality of its artistic programming, the Xin Art gallery is now creating real momentum by organizing events “outside the walls” on industrial sites.

ARS EN RÉ, France

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