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Fiamma Viola

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Fiamma Viola is a Brazilian visual artist that started her artistic journey in São Paulo and, since 2016, she has intercalated production and exhibition periods in Brazil (based in Brasília) and Italy (based in Bologna).

Passionate about shapes and colours since was a teenager, she started drawing at 16. She attended Theobaldo de Nigris Institute of Graphic Arts in São Paulo and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco – USA, also holds a degree in Economics from Mackenzie University of São Paulo and is a Yoga teacher. She experimented complementary experiences in opposite contexts, working in a large financial institution while also producing art and accumulating creative experiences in contemporary dance, facts that contributed to the evolution of her creative process. Currently, she is exclusively dedicated to art and Yoga.

Through a multidisciplinary work, she articulates ideas about culture, identity construction, archetypes and sexual issues in an oneiric atmosphere that aims to be an own language. A construction that is not limited to the portrayal of the female figure, but rather includes broader forms and concepts, besides different techniques like painting, illustration, collage, embroidery and urban interventions.

Her creative process is centered in the female body as territory of construction of a visual narrative that seeks the liberation of the negative charge usually linked and proposes a poetic free vision, aiming to recognize the strength, the wisdom, the sacredness or simply beauty that these images evoke.

Using female sexuality as a fundamental element of identity, she points out resonant metaphors in the woman's body, such as blood, creating dialogues from archetypes, dreams and erotic narratives that are an invitation to a political vision for a diverse world with various possibilities of existence.

My body is my territory, place of art, politics and love.

Fiamma Viola

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