Challenge rules:
The artist sends his works and all the requested information.
NNC VWORLD GALLERY decides whether to admit the artist to the Challenge.
The judgments of the NNC VWORLD are unquestionable.
Artists who agree to participate in the Challenge after passing the first step must submit five more artworks.
NNC VWORLD GALLERY selects the finalists.
After joining the Challenge, up to three months may pass before the names of the finalists are released.
Artists are selected every month.
In January of the year following that of the Challenge, 20 winner artists of the Challenge are selected, the judgments of NNC VWORLD GALLERY are unquestionable.
After the victory, the Gallery in the following two years is required to publish and promote the artists at least once on social media and in the magazine and to create a space for each artist who has been selected.
If the artists selected within 4 months of the communication do not send the requested materials, the gallery can expel the artist from the Collective.
The gallery's decisions regarding critical texts or promotions cannot be questioned by the artists.
An artist can communicate his departure from the Collective at least 3 months before the date he indicates as the end of the collaboration.
The jury may decide to close the collaboration with artists who are not in line with the philosophy of the Gallery and its staff.
Neither the Gallery nor the artists have contractual obligations to respect.