Second step to participate in the Collective 22 Challenge 2022

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We loved the artworks you sent us!

Now you have the opportunity to be part of Collective 22 by participating in Challenge 22.

Furthermore, if you apply for the challenge you will be published in our magazine in the coming months, in the FINALISTS section.

The finalists have two large pages to showcase their work.

To understand better, go to our magazine.

By participating in this selection, you could also become part of the group of finalists from which NNC V WORLD GALLERY will choose the artists to promote for 2023, COLLECTIVE 22.

These artists will be supported for free by us, in our gallery, in our magazine, with interviews and publications, and in our social networks.
Go and see the Collectives from 2017:

Your artwork could be shown to our readers all over the world!

Our magazines are sold worldwide and shipped to our entire database of galleries and curators.

Do you still have doubts?
Write to us!
We help you understand everything that is not clear

To participate in our competition, 

You must submit your artwork via the form below.

PAY A FEE (38 EURO): We have a fund for artists who are experiencing economic difficulties in developing countries or with difficult histories, contact us at to ask for the facility. If you have no financial difficulties, please do not request it, every month we assign only a certain number of shares.


- Five artworks different from the first application
- BIO (max 100 words with your Social, Website, Instagram or other links)

PDF or word files only (not screen shoot or Photo) 




1. Five ARTWORK Euros 38 non-refundable submission fee 

Submitting five images ONLY JPEG FILE, accurate text and all your link to your works will give our jury a more opportunity to review your work (PDF OR WORD FILE).

The payment of the tax required does not guarantee the publication or inclusion in the group of the selected.

No other fees will be required for this challenge.

Before applying read please OUR POLICY

Fill out the registration form


Send images different from the previous application,

pay attention to the required resolution: 300 DPI minimun 20x30 cms.

Only Jpeg Max 25 MB


Please take care of your application carefully, applications with low definition images that cannot be printed for resolution problem will be rejected.

Do not send photographed text files, we will cancel your application and your fee will not be refunded.

Your links must be complete and start with Https//:

Don't boycott your candidacy!

The images of the artworks sent become part of the NNC GALLERY V WORLD  ARCHIVE which will be able to publish them on its own channels and in its own magazine and catalogs or on other media at any time and free of charge, without asking or having to ask the artist who owns the copyright.

By applying, the author gives his consent to the free use of images and texts to NNC GALLERY V WORLD ARCHIVE, the copyright remains entirely with the author of the works.

To cancel your works and texts sent, write to


Paid fees are never refundable.
NNC VWORLD V.R. through its partners sells services for artists and the fees are to be considered as fees for artistic consultancy.

Pay attention, no fee can be requested by external partners in the name of NNC V World.

For video artists
Insert three images of the videos and their respective links.The three images linked to a qr code will be printed on the paper magazine.Links to the videos will be included in the online magazine.Application with broken links will be discarded. In case of selection, the images will be printed on the paper magazine with the QR code and the links sent will be inserted in the online magazine

Do you need other info? Write