Ashleigh Nankivell Raizes - USA


Found in an eBay estate sale, these 1970s 35mm negatives and the people inside them have been transformed and reimagined. Who was he, who was she, and what were they to each other? This is an attempt to reconstruct strangers who've long been gone, pointing to the ephemeral nature of identity, what our lost images become to future generations, and how our stories live on past our ability to control them. 35mm Negatives, 3D & Digital manipulation. 2018.

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We Have Always Been Here



I rummage through the forgotten then found - be it public domain footage or eBay estate sales. I recombine analog bits into digitally unsettling explorations of identity and fear. My work is an homage to the uncanny, exploring the familiar relics of old modes of recording histories by layering on a haunting rupture into our present. You've seen it before but never quite like this.



When Social Media Became a Religion

Birds Tweet

Digital Painting

50cms x 50cms



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